Batch & Print Pro 1.31 serial key or number

Batch & Print Pro 1.31 serial key or number

Batch & Print Pro 1.31 serial key or number

Batch & Print Pro 1.31 serial key or number

Bounds checker v : Standard: D-9B VC++: B-9B Delphi: F-9B C++ Builder: F-9B
BOWatch v : Name: Blackstar TRPS98 s/n:
Brain Cell v : Code: BC
BrainHex x : whole new world 'Anonymous'
Brain Power v : Name: bpwr
Brainstrain v : Name: DSG TeAM Code: QNLAECPT
BrainWave Generator v : Name: Kimberly Allen s/n: A3n
Brain Washer v : Name: Killing Joke s/n:
BreakThrough : s/n:
BreakThrough Game v : s/n:
BreakThru for Windows : s/n:
Breathe Mp3 Player v : Name: TRPS s/n: SER
BreeseFTP v : Name: TEX99 Email: TEX99@lasolidariacr.comgle: 5E92GTEJ9 Custom: 5E92GTCD9 Enterprise: 5E92GT62LKH9 Site: 5E92GTKG
Bridge Manager v for Windows : s/n:
Briefcase Plus v : Name: Bisoux s/n:
Bright Work Lan Center Inventory : s/n: LAI p/w: PQXAO
Broadcast v : Name: davy Password: Vf6mVm Company: blizzard
Broadcast v : Name: davy Password: Vf6mVm Company: blizzard
Broadcast v : Name: davy Password: Vf6mVm Company: blizzard
Broadcast v Pre-Release : Name: Lynda Rhiel Password: ERWCBRQVfLTjQzDBVTz3KLN
Broadc@st v : Name: Joseph Acce Password: jzoqDesz4jLqDDzDzLDrEpg
Broadc@st v : Name: Joseph Acce Password: jzoqDesz4jLqDDzDzLDrEpg
BroadFax v : Company: NeXiuS-VERSUS s/n: AFDD08E8
Broadway : User Name: JuNiOr s/n: 08Z10Y43VPRAWN3Y74UN
Broadway (2) : User Name: Arnold Hansen s/n: 0FPQRU9BUN1FJR0XX
Broadway v : Name: Douglas Hill s/n: 08FL3JKZAC1DLL3U3KM8
Brother's Keeper vf Windows June Revision : Name: TRPS98 s/n: Password:
Browse And Zip va : s/n: C
Browse and Zip v Beta 5 : s/n: C
Browse and Zip v Beta 6 : s/n: C
Browse and Zip v Beta 7 : s/n: C
Browse And Zip v Final : s/n: C
BrowseGate v : s/n: Key: zqkFLhpdRwYVD
Browser Lock v : s/n: afxe1e10
BrowserMaster v : Name: Lukundoo [HPA] Email: BMSTR-0E9DE
BrowserMaster v : Name: Jupiter99 Email: BMSTR-BCFED1DA6
BrowserShield v : Name: Lyne M. Esler Key:
Browserola : Name: phenox [prophecy] key: CBWR
Bryce 3D v : s/n:
Bryce v : s/n: BF00WBBCUY
Bryce3D Meta Creations : Name/Company: RiSE s/n:
BS/1 Professional v : Name: davy - blizzard Single: bk Multi: c9kk
BS/1 Professional va : Name: davy - blizzard Single: bk Multi: c9kk
BS/1 Professional vb : Name: davy - blizzard Single: bk Multi: c9kk
BS1 Professional vc : Name: (Anything) Single: bk Multi: c9kk
BS1 Professional v : Name/Company: (Anything) Code: bk
BS1 Professional va : s/n: bk
BS1 Professional vc : Company: (Anything) Code: bk
BS1 Professional vd : Name/Company: (Anything) Code: bk
BS/1 Small Business h : name: PRiMESTAR s/n: f25xfs96
BS/1 Small Business I : name: PRiMESTAR s/n: f25xfs96
BS/1 Small Business vi : Name: davy - blizzard Single User: bk Multi User: c9kk
BS/1 Small Business k : Name: (Anything) Single: bk Multi: c9kk
BS1 Small Business v : Name: PRiMESTAR s/n: f25xfs96
BS1 Small Business v : Name: davy - blizzard Single: bk Multi: c9kk
Btrieve v for Windows NT : s/n:
BTS Click and Paste v : s/n: tg
BuddyPhone v : Name: Jamez CoKeBoTtLe99 s/n: IKFK-LIUG-JHKG-HHOG
BuddyPhone v : FirstName: CoKeBoTtLe99! LastName: [Anthrax] s/n: FirstName: Doctor LastName: Evil s/n:
BuddyPhone v : FirstName: CoKeBoTtLe99! LastName: [Anthrax] s/n:
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, Batch & Print Pro 1.31 serial key or number
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() 11/10/
 1. added keeptempappend control file to keep temporary appended pdf files, stored in: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Temp\
 to use create file: C:\Program Files (x86)\Traction Software\Batch & Print Pro\keeptempappend
 2. memory leak fix for content match pdf: option. (64bit)
 3. added import option for importing filenames from the clipboard, with auto repath detection. works with any text e.g. doc, txt, excel column texts in the clipboard.
 4. fixed a possible monitor not restarting issue if it fails to get hard disk.
 5. fix for 64bit version monitor, if dos parameters are blank but turned on then it crashed at that point during scan.
 6. added option to keep matched pages when using pdf text match, by creating a file in install folder: keeppdfprintmatchedpages then it saves as <filename>
 7. added in more status information when printing segments of a pdf internally. i.e. page ranges, text matching, overlaying status.
 8. fix for image to pdf in conversion options, was stretching image when not to fit/not to stretch and image width/height was 0.
 9. fixed zip save settings stack error in 64bit version.
  improved page count when using doc addon, effects law version by default.
  update fix to separator after with folder before option.
  added addon help links in law version.
  in enterprise / law added sort on folders / files. these are also available in bpp
  in enterprise / law added sort on files then folders. these are also available in bpp
  in enterprise / law added sort of folders then files, subfolders alpha. these are also available in bpp
  updated gray list for color splitting to two printers / print setups.
  added email msg / eml file email info: date, subject, from, to, cc, bcc to separator template before and after. see help, separator template for more info.
  fix for setting printer with e.g. prs before printing with folder (after setting) and single file before separator.
  fixes in Color Split with use adobe reader set.
  added Adobe Acrobat Reader to close acrobat feature.
  fixed a .tra tray setting chopping last letter off issue.
  added tray .tra support to separator setup.


Overview video of what's new:

1. fixed a potential crash issue when setting separator option in monitor but have no settings.
2. fixed a possible get and set printer information initialization corruption.
3. added sort on folders / files.
4. added sort on files then folders.
5. added sort of folders then files, subfolders alpha.
6. fixed multiple addresses email problem in directory monitor, extra options, notifications.
7. pdf processing interface small fix with custom ppd entry.
8. added image printing in Italian detection: tampa a pagina intera to printed list.
9. fix for sftp not showing connect error if it happens. (showed null)
sftp updated for more encryption types like Amazon services.
sftp fixes for pem file usage.
fixed a logging socket error with \r and \n filenames.
added save / load setting options in scheduler.
changed move to directory after print/error folder after print so folder and filename can now be optionally dynamic e.g. c:\test\[YY][MM]\[FILETITLE]_[hh][mm][ss][EXT]
added item number (sequence number or name for it) / date added / date updated in monitor list.
added header / footer batch script to examples install folder.
added [TOTALFILECOUNT] and [FILECOUNT] to dynamic separator.
expanded sort options in monitor, now can do:- (this is quite handy if you want to print say small number of pages files first)
No Order
Filename Alphabetically
FileTitle Numerically
FileTitle Alphabetical Numerical
Created Date
Modified Date
Pages, Ascending
Pages, Descending
File Extension, Ascending
File Extension, Descending
added prs file setting setup to monitor, so now it can be setup directly in monitor which makes it easier.
nt service update - if no monitor settings, pickup last setting location from local machine registry setting populated on normal run setup.
added view bpp nt service log in a viewer rather than using notepad as permissions cause it not to divert in notepad.
added pdf page text match printing in pdf print settings, advanced. so it will only print those pages with that text in. e.g. Invoice would only print pages with Invoice text in the pdf page.
added remove blank pages from pdf before print option in pdf print settings, advanced.
added pdf content search on rendered text to monitor / content search option e.g. use pdf:<text> to match on actual pdf rendered text not raw file code as per default.
added new separator feature for rotating the dynamic template for example printing on multi-position tabbed paper. e.g. enter sep_template(n).rtf, then setup, etc and it will cycle through them, one for each print, then will repeat the cycle from 1. (main interface, manual printing only)


1. fix for dynamic separator filename in monitor separator setup not been picked up correctly.
2. added .job/aob filename to main list last column.
3. fix for .job file not moving when printing multiple .job files after each other.
4. fix for a cross volume move after print problem when using .job files.
5. fix for separator on the fly in monitor option.
6. added optional print or not for monitor globally as a vbs script, if this vbs file exists in the install folder then it will run this before printing i.e. file:
dos return code 6 means print, anything else then it won't print.


1. added daily reporting to monitor notifications, sends out .csv file report to email.
2. added more checks for limit printer for enterprise version, so now can load balance better.
3. fix for adding file to convert to pdf e.f. txt to pdf & reporting switched on & monitor is on crash when closing thread issue.
4. fix for monitor separator parameters config & template file.
5. fix for 72 73 74 75 76 in monitor separator now calculating instead of showing "Unknown"
6. fixed a migrate gui text description problem.
7. added remove imap message after processing in email monitoring. so now does it for pop3 and imap automatically.
8. added ability to load balance list and append pdf's at same time.


1. added FTPS support, the software now supports: FTP, SFTP & FTPS.
2. added IMAP email support to monitor email. e.g. enter in the host box, then it will connect with imap instead of pop3 -
also emails are marked as read in imap mode rather than deleting.
3. fix for browse buttons not activating in monitor, dos,exe .bat setup.
4. added imap support to test email button in monitor email.
5. added negative content match option in monitor. e.g. !smith to exclude certain files.
6. added color background option & color stripe option to separator page, also converts and prints as pdf internally to save time.
7. added re-sizing separator page option to separator page setup, also converts and prints as pdf internally to save time.
8. added monitor print notification email & error notification email in extra options / notification emails setup.
9. added autosave file list option in general options to automatically save the filelist after every print, when activated the default saves to user temp path but you can also set your own path.
now shows certain graphic files e.g. jpg, gmp, gif, png as 1 page rather than unknown pages.


1. added create list feature - in action menu, first one is for carbon copy of a file + 3rd copy option.
2. fix for monitor extra options 'No separator' option when using a prs file as well was causing it to create the separator page.
3. fix for loading a list with .printer or other controls adding preceeding \ to beginning of path fix, effected drag and drop .job file.
4. added move to after print option in profiling.
5. fix for detecting move to itself causing file delete in move to after print options.
6. added (V) view option to profile job list and move to.
7. added reset config to default options from command line by using "Batch And" -Vreset
8. fix for loading corrupt config files causing crash on startup.
9. changed backup settings in options so it now prompts for path to save to, to avoid permissions problems.
Screen dpi fix for 4k monitors and other dpi settings.


1. added extra more detailed reporting option for law edition when selecting create reports on filelist after print in options menu-->general setup options.
2. added option in msg addon to print emails within emails at the end instead of default nested. (included in premium law version).
3. fix for error log export to csv not including printer and also not handling comma's for csv excel.
4. fix for create folders in directory monitor menu, now creates top level in all situations.
5. improved usage for .printer name in a filepath, now detects full path's as well as inserts. e.g. c:\HP lasolidariacr.comr will make it switch to that printer.
6. improved .tra file usage, now double checks if .tra file contains anything - if not then uses the filename filetitle. e.g. c:\Tray will make it switch to Tray 2.
7. fixed a NT Service install and run problem in enterprise/law versions.
8. added an alternative render method for pdf printing. (forms).


1. fix for monitor separator in monitor not been activated, removed threshold check.
to separator page, when emails are downloaded via monitor these are populated,
the email download threshold has to be set to 1 for this to work.
3. fix for msg file with zip files extracted files out of order fix when more than one file extracted from the zip.
4. fix for setting all selected as yes or no from menu append as one pdf checkbox option not appearing.
5. fix for ftp issue with ftp files with spaces.
6. fix for merged pdf's from monitor, been thread printed.
7. fix for monitor mode and append mode when using multiple monitor threads, move after wasn't moving source files.
8. fix for printer not set in multi-thread monitor, threaded print, append mode.
9. fix for load printer settings from file menu, memory allocation issue.

(X) 15/02/

1. added regular expressions support to profiling.
2. fixed security settings for NT Service setup.
3. added disable menu ini file support for main menu.
4. added xps support in conversion options.
5. fix for load tray error.
6. nt service password now hidden on input.
7. updated separator setup for auto filling when dynamic checkbox is checked.
8. fix for ftp setup load pem file.
9. updated zipi folder location to accept envirnment variables. if %TEMPPATH%\bppz is entered then it clears this up on exit.
fix for addons page link.
fix for monitor separator in monitor not been activated, removed threshold check.
to separator page, when emails are downloaded via monitor these are populated,
the email download threshold has to be set to 1 for this to work.
fix for msg file with zip files extracted files out of order fix when more than one file extracted from the zip.


1. fix for separator setup ask to setup now prompt when adding after file manually, was not working when clicked 'yes'
2. updated for new MSG Addon v
3. updated for new EML Addon v
4. changed pdf passwords to hidden type in interface.
5. added pdf print settings to security.
6. added option in pdf print settings to force print to use adobe rather than 'print' action association in windows.


1. for html to pdf conversion, added option to have a .bat file called in install folder which set's all the parameters required in the batch script.
e.g. wkhtmltopdfexe --zoom --margin-bottom --margin-top --margin-left --margin-right --page-width --page-height %1 %2
2. fix for pdf PDF Color Detection Printers Setup, not using latest settings when set manually from file menu. had to quit and go back in, now fixed.
3. speeded up PDF Color Detection print stage, was checking for original file in spooler first - not needed.
4. added xml to pdf to doc to pdf option in conversion setup.
5. added reset settings to default option in action menu.
6. added if 'noupdates' file exists then doesn't check for updates.
7. fixes for pst addon when multiple pst files in list causing problems with sortation.
8. fixed a focus issue causing mouse to loose focus when doing something else.
9. added clean pdf first option to help with internal printing issues.
fix for manual load pdf print settings, not updating globally for next view pdf print settings.


1. added use adobe printto method instead of default in general setup options, to possibly fix adobe printing to wrong printer issues in monitor.
2. fix for BPPCOPIES print job not been found due to excel changing [] to () in the spooler job name.
3. added [BPPCOPIESR for repeat copies in filename e.g. sample[BPPCOPIESR5] would print that 5 times.
4. fix for possible removal of source file when converting to pdf after printing.
5. fix for print status not showing done in some situations when non threaded.
6. added prompt to continue option for msg files after list has been loaded to print option in general options, advanced.
7. fix for commas in generate report.
8. updated EML Addon support for v3 EML Addon.


1. added .lst to pdf in conversion options.
2. fix for quick job setup launch from task tray.
3. fix for doc to pdf 64bit crash issue.
4. improvement with tiff to pdf conversion compression and speed.
5. fix for image to pdf with some images when defaults set to 0 width, 0 height. now defaults to A4.
6. fix for column save in options menu, startup options.
7. fix for monitor interface on startup sometimes showing last change/save setting.
8. added environment variables to move to folders in monitor like with monitor path.


1. added file format mht in the conversion to pdf before printing.
2. updated monitor way it saves settings is now more transparent.
3. changed startup to monitor settings to show/highlight last viewed setting when going back into it.
4. update for Print to PDF Pro - for controlling the fixed filename.
5. small fix for upgrade version checks.
6. added windows 10 nt service walkthru + video to help.
7. added TLS support for email sending smtp. for office use: tls:lasolidariacr.comcom
8. added TLS support to pop email in directory monitor.
9. added DWG to PDF conversion support.
added DXF to PDF conversion support.
fixed a enterprise startup crash issue todo with file.


1. fix for replication feature in monitor causing error message not been able to load repl file.
2. fix for replication move folder when set in list.
3. added append pdf's into one with internal page ranges feature. e.g. usage: append pages , and pages 1 to a 3 page pdf print file to print.
4. added to all pdf conversions internal page range setting and can be appended. so can now append mixed file types e.g. page range to page range and print as one file.
5. fixed a conversion options not saving doc height setting.
6. added drop down paper size selections to all conversion options.
7. fix for mhtml files trying to use internal conversion to pdf for html files, now uses associated to print e.g. MS Word.
8. fix for move error holding things up when file already exists in the move to folder.
9. updated internal pdf printing engine.
for pop3 in monitor added gmail tip for security settings in gmail. Gmail / Googlemail POP3 Connection error issue.
Updated the Active-X component and website examples for latest versions of Internet Explorer and later versions of Windows.


1. added optional height and width of page to html to pdf conversion options.
2. added margins settings for html to pdf conversion options.
3. added zoom % to html to pdf conversion options.
4. fix for "fit to paper" option. will scale up or down to page size.
5. added [DIRECTORYOFFSET(n)] to separator setup so can offset the path shown e.g. [DIRECTORYOFFSET3] for path: 'c:\test' would show only 'test'
6. added V button to separator setup for viewing files for easier setup.
7. added option to separator setup for after to use next filename path info instead for on change of folder.
8. added email subject matching option to download email options in directory monitor so can now only download certain emails like emails with Subject 'Invoice'.
9. added use filetitle as raw print job filename option in general options, internal printing section.
updated excel to pdf conversion to print to max width only not both tall and width.
added view pdf folder to conversion options.


1. fixed automated XPS save to file in windows 7 etc.
2. fixed when running as a nt service, if the settings can't be loaded due to different permissions then it now tries from the last path used by the last
user after monitor setup.
3. fixed when moving files around with mouse drag not showing/updating "append pdf's as one file" when they are moved together.
4. added conversion & pdf print settings settings to backup and restore.
5. fix for INT; in monitor in addon settings not been saved and default addon settings.
6. add seh exceptions capture for get device defaults causing crash. (64bit only)
7. fix for checking correct printer set, if not then retries and waits till next cycle if printer is not available. effects enterprise version mostly.
8. fix for enterprise move converted to pdf file not moving.
9. fix for move log in enterprise mot logging in threads.
fixed a default printer issue in enterprise when setting to another printer in monitor thread when not a threadable file type e.g. pdf.
updated http download for larger files, now allows update screen.
added stop download of http file in mid download, don't continue. shows "stopped by user"
changed http / https download so it retries upto 5 times with a 5 second interval if disconnected during transfer of file.
added lasolidariacr.coml file for stopping when an error occurs before batch appending what has worked from http downloaded files. stops the whole
added lasolidariacr.coml file for setting append pdf's in list on the fly.
added http and https .job file download and print contents of job file, good for website listings of files stored a list in .job file format.
to make it work on the web server need to add: website settings mime type: application/msword .job
added "downloading" and "downloaded" to http / https download status.
fixed a repeat downloading http/https problem when appending.
updated .job file association so it uses path from installation rather than where it's run causing unwanted setting/log files.
fixed a profiling issue from file menu.
fixed a filename issue .JOB not picking up like .job for job files.
fix for xlsm and docm in conversion options when checking filetype.
changed text to pdf conversion to use word instead of our own text to pdf, resolves wrapping issues.
fix for bppdelete+job & bppjobdelete not deleting the .job sometimes.
fixed a pdf page count issue with a certain pdf causing a crash.
changed processing window to show full filename across two lines, also made it bigger.
added page sizing for conversion to pdf options and fit, stretch & auto rotate options for images & txt files.
added more error control to file conversion to pdf.
fix for excel to pdf conversion module, fixes save changes prompt by excel. now opens in read only mode and no forces prompts policy.
added negetive value in internal range of pdf printing e.g. 1 to -2 for a 10 page pdf would print pages.


1. fixed a print order issue, if two or more files we're spooled within the same second (same spool job time) - windows will put the smallest first even though it wasn't spooled first. program now waits till next full second before printing next file. (in some cases it may only have to wait a fraction of a second).
2. fixed a logging to problem in enterprise on every new thread.
3. fix for multiple click 'print' status window been left behind at end of list.
4. cosmetic fix flashing append pdf checkbox when sorting large amount of files.
5. cosmetic improved scan for files and resized it for more information.
6. fixed a sort direction bitmap up/down in header not showing issue.
7. fix for sort on pages from menu sorting on filename.
8. changed sort menus, so now has option todo ascending and descending rather than flip/flopping between them so you now have more control over it.
9. fixed a dwf addon parameters on command line issue.
added Microsoft Publisher addon support for extra back office options and automation. (included in main install).
added multiple pdf passwords support for internal pdf printing engine only, so now for pdf passworded files you can enter a list pipe delimited in general setup e.g. pass|homer|password|test and on failing to open it will try each password when printing.
fixed pdf settings not saved (for next time program started issue) when changing same options in general options and quitting afterwards.
added prompt user when continuing option in snapshot restore option, can be set in general setup options. note: this will not display when running as a nt service, monitor mode or in scheduler mode.
added mouse drag files around support in main list window.
fixed a snapshot restore list load not showing icons or status colors.
now checks for service running on startup, if it's found with BPP running then it automatically starts up in conig mode only. (this is to stop two bpp's accidentally printing the same files if it's started up with monitor activated).
added mouse drag profiles around support in directory monitor.


1. added odd / even / all rotation options to pdf print settings.
2. added load / save pdf print settings as .pfs file in file menu.
3. added support for pdf print settings files (.pfs) in the main list.
4. pdf print engine updated.
5. added alternative pdf render method to pdf print settings in file menu.
6. fixed a startup monitor issue.
7. added pdf print settings to directory monitor, advanced. (now can set pdf print settings per monitor folder)
8. added send orientation, paper size, paper source for eDrawings addon default printer.
9. updated for the new Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.
updated for eDrawings Addon v3. see example video here: .
added ensure item is visible when running/printing.
added when adding word files it now shows "Calculating" if the doc addon is installed before getting the actual count.
added when sorting shows % sorted in main status at the bottom & ascending or descending order.
improved memory usage in sorting.


1. added TIFF to PDF conversion option before printing. supports .tif, .tiff and can now be appended into one multiple file print job along with html, doc, xls, jpeg, txt and pdf's before printing.
2. added social media to help menu, twitter and facebook.
3. added a prevention for HP printer driver crashing out BPP issue.
4. added check for valid printer before getting printer data.
5. added BMP, PNG, GIF, WMF and EMF to PDF conversion option before printing. can be appended into multiple files for printing as one print job along with html, doc, xls, jpeg, txt, tiff & pdf's.
6. added Select All option to 'print log viewer'.
7. added Move files to folder option from 'print log viewer'.
8. added pdf print settings to file menu PDF Print settings, as well as in general setup, pdf tab.
9. changed general setup options window so can be sized downwards for multi-screens.


1. added excel to pdf conversion option before printing. supports csv, xls, xlsx, xlsm and can now be appended into one multiple file print job along with html, doc, jpeg, txt and pdf's before printing.
2. fix for monitor "rename old" so last one printed is always that name in the output folder, any others that exist are renamed to _v(n) the next number.
3. added processing setup for files to be converted to pdf e.g. doc to pdf, so can now you can setup what postscript / pdf pre processing is done to the created pdf file before printing.
4. updated default pdf processing to postscript for conversion setup files into pdf. for printing say doc file as postscript via pdf conversion by default.
5. internal pdf print engine update - includes: Fixed invalid clipping rectangle and Fixed barcode rendering issue.


1. added PST Addon support for outlook mailbox archives .pst files. see online video of usage here:
2. fix for converting non selected.
3. added -Apst"<params>" to command line options for PST addon.
4. added when maximized it fits data to columns.


1. added sort options for MSG Addon in sort menu for sorting on email dates, subject, email address etc.
2. added conversion options setup.
3. added webpages, htm & html to pdf conversion option before printing. can now be appended into one multiple file print job.
4. added jpeg to pdf conversion option before printing. can now be appended into one multiple file print job.
5. added text to pdf conversion option before printing. can now be appended into one multiple file print job.
6. added -U(n) to command line options for waiting for printer limit before printing the next files e.g. -U2 with 3 prints in the queue will wait until there's 1 left before spooling the next file.
7. added doc to pdf conversion option before printing. can now be appended into one multiple file print job.
8. stopping fix.
9. small memory fix with pdf file merge option.
fix for profiling menu.
fix for profiling issue in update for enterprise version.
added download from http & https support for merging pdf files after download, includes files gone thru conversion.


1. added when printing http file from web with download option when file type is a pdf then update page count after downloading for reporting purposes.
2. fix for not opening pdf's when right mouse and open a file in windows
3. added when using lasolidariacr.comopies file prompt user for number of copies to print.
4. added further support for .URL files that contain a url to print, now parses url file and also checks spooler for that file.
5. fix for portfolio files showing status ready after processing and loosing background color.
6. added move file logging for logging files been moved.
7. added move log viewer to main menu.


1. some internal changes with popup messages.
2. fixed an examples help file issue.
3. fixed a pdf drawings rendering issue.


1. fix a pdf portfolio file memory issue.
2. updated pdf print engine.


1. added 'Processing' status to ghostscript processing, pdf processing.
2. show better alert when command not found in pdf processing parameters whilst running.
3. added environment variable support in monitor path e.g. //%USERDOMAIN%/files e.g. %USERPROFILE%\test
4. added detect ftp address entered and remove ftp:// & ftps:// text from user entry.
5. added multiple types scan support to ftp and sftp.
6. added all or per subfolder support for merging pdf's where possible in monitor before printing.
7. added dual folder scan mode in directory monitor, before printing it does a second check n seconds later of number of files to print and if it's different it then waits till next time.
this helps with files in transit that need to be printed together without having to create a trigger or .job list of files to print.
8. fix for ftp or email sub folder scan found in monitored folder possible loop for a longer time than needed.
9. fixed a stack corrupt error when checking error log with long paths >
fixed a possible small issue in startup causing crash with no profiles.
fix for possible non add portfolio file.
added support for file attachments as annotations in pdf printing support.
added a rename option for portfolio extracts and attachment extracts for sequence numbering them.
fix for sftp set directory folder paths from root folder.
small fix for old .job files and one or two files only in the .job file.
fix for https download file and print path issues, unable to create file fix.
pdf rendering print engine update.
fixed memory leak in portfolio check, effects all pdf's.
added auto extract attachments from pdf's as an option in general setup options due to slowing down adding large pdf's to list.


1. updated permissions check and virtual directories check when writing config files/log files.
2. added 'nologs' and 'noconfigs' files to stopping any logging and config updating if present in startup folder.
3. disabled bpp update check when 'noconfigs' file is present.
4. added [FILETITLEFIRSTn] to moveto folders e.g. c:\test\[FILETITLEFIRST3] will move c:\ to c:\test\\
5. increased add single files in file menu limit to load max files at a time.
6. update for separator page no file errors, now closes status popup automatically.
7. changed program stack size to 15mb for 32bit and 64bit to resolve any internal out of memory issues - i.e. default printer outage fix.
8. fix for separator settings not clearing from temp memory.
9. fix for monitor advanced, use command line to print files to include double quotes around the filename.
reduced internal memory usage by kb.
updated so when printing internal pdf's when no printers available it returns that status.
added 'view services' into 'nt service' menu.
added windows r2 nt service example to help + video.
updated main list view for less flickering in general, effects all tasks.
updated snapshot restore to restore all settings.
added listed types sub option to not check spool queue with in general options, 'don't check spool queue for print' checkbox option. e.g. not to check txt, rtf


1. added .epl file format to direct printing to printer list in general options.
2. updated append/merge files into one before printing, now much quicker and more compatible with more pdf's.
3. added password pdf support to appending before printing. uses password setting in general options, pdf.
4. added repeat copies option to monitor advanced options to simply print more copies of the same file without having to use a printer settings file or special file naming.
5. added separator per file support to monitor Separator options, so now it's possible to have different separator settings per monitored folder. the general global one in monitor extra options is still available but will be phased out.
6. small fix for View monitor path - V Button when it has no end slash in path windows was trying to open it as exe path.
7. fix for backup settings when certain ini not found error message.
8. fix/updated adobe pdf printing when "Fatal error" occurs closes the window automatically.
9. added information for when multi selecting files in the list, shows how many selected.
added Traction Software youtube channel to help menu.
fix for running as a NT Service with logging when clicking cancel still running it.
fixed a clear button issue in network service logging viewer.
fixed a menu quit issue in network service logging viewer.
added feature for when no .htm, .html association set instead of error it tries to correct it and retry print.
fix for external printing http or https files from web address only.


1. added bppdelete+recycle option in move to after print for moving to recycle bin rather than deleting the files.
2. added in a small screen fix button >>> in monitor setup. (unresolved screen/dpi/font issue).
3. updated 32bit print pdf internal print engine for lines not showing with certain pdf's fix.
4. added daily email reporting to email options. generates and sends attachment of previous days prints only.
5. added monthly email reporting to email options. generates and sends attachment of previous months prints only.
6. added 64bit version of viewer to 64bit installer. fixes a dll missing problem on install.
7. fix for update monitor item with color options.
8. fix for extra long addon parameters above characters, now single parameter limit is
9. fix for balanced printers setup in monitor/scheduler, when amending/updating item settings and no change is made to load balancing i.e. no balanced printer setup used, it was picking up last settings set in balanced printer setup window by another profile.


1. added get pdf title for spooler queue check when printing pdf's.
2. added -$ option for setting the print priority on the command line. e.g. "Batch And" -$5 c:\ -p -q
3. added -z option for setting the zip, rar, .7z extract options on the command line e.g. "Batch And" -z"1|1|c:\test|0|1" c:\ -p -q
An explanation of parameters in -z "Extract Zip 1 = yes, 0 = no|Delete Zip Files 1 = yes, 0 = no|Unzip Folder <folderpath> (leave as 1 space for current)|Dont Add Extracted Files To List 1 = yes, 0 = no|Dont Create Temp Zip Sub Folder 1 = yes, 0 = no"
4. added -@ option for setting pdf color/BW split on the command line. e.g. "Batch And" -@"1|HP PS|CANON COLOR i|c:\|c:\|0" c:\ -p -q
An explanation of parameters in -@ "Activate 1 = yes, 0 = no|Printer BW name|Printer Color Name|prs file BW (leave as 1 space for not used)|prs file color (leave as 1 space for not used)|If color detected print all as color 1 = yes, 0 = no"
5. added -0 for move to folder on print error on the command line. e.g. "Batch And" -0"c:\error" c:\ -p -q
6. added -J for printing direct to the printer on the command line e.g. "Batch And" -J1 c:\ -p -q -J1 = yes, -J0 = no.
7. added internal page range printing to dos command line options for addon settings e.g. "Batch And" -A"INT;" c:\ -p -q would print pages of the pdf.
8. fix for when loading an .aob file it now takes into consideration settings highlights in the list etc.
9. fix for when running highlighted special files like .prs been set to white, now only clears errors from previous run.
internal pdf printing engine update, better pdf support & compatibility fixes.
small cosmetic fix for when printing pdf's internally not updating file status to "Printing".
scaling dpi screen fix to general setup options and monitor.
small update to registration process, so no need to quit and reload.
changed max command line limit from to bytes.
fixed MoveFile after print error code 17 to fix moving to another volume error.


1. workaround fix for old .job files loading into new .job file types, now detects them automatically and adjusts.
2. added more information logging to network logs.
3. fix for INT; parameters when loading and saving aob files problem with actual parameters and when using them elsewhere.
4. fix for zip folder extract foldername in monitor only.
5. added pdf color detection / bw split printing feature to directory monitor.
6. added more help tooltips to move after print in monitor.
7. added fix so when internal pdf printing is turned off and internal printing addon setting is set e.g. INT; for pages only in addon settings it uses internal printing for that file only.
8. changed .job file load in monitor so when no path is in the .job file it uses the path of the monitored folder.


1. added new split pdf color printing feature to print all to color print if any pages match color rather than splitting to BW and Color
2. fixed a pdf processing page count popup when in quiet mode, now suppresses it when quiet mode is set.
3. added two new options to zip/rar/7z extraction for extracting without adding the files to the list and secondly to suppress the temporary name sub folder creation.
4. added failover printer option, if the options 'check printer is still connected before printing anything' is checked in General Setup options, then the next printer is used in the
load balancing list if the printer is unavailable, if none are available then it won't print the file and will try again later, this is for monitor mode only and normal load balancing settings (not round robin).
5. fix for windows dpi setting change and general setup options not scaling to size.
6. fix for windows dpi setting change and directory monitor not scaling to size.
7. clear error colour red when re-run fix.
8. fix for quick job setup in file menu, not adding jobs to file menu.
9. fix for profiling jobs setup in file menu, not adding jobs to file menu.
added zip/rar/7z extract options to directory monitor, so now can have individual archive extract setup for every monitored folder.
fix for highlighting all list icons in monitor when going back in second time.
fix a load/save file selection hang/takes a long time issue in post XP.


1. added .7z and .7zip 7-Zip file support.
2. updated delete after print not deleted error message to display more precise info.
3. fix for lasolidariacr.comuplex setting not working.


1. added Secure FTP (SFTP) file support to main interface.
2. added Secure FTP (SFTP) file support to directory monitor FTP monitoring.
3. fixed a threshold issue in FTP when using multiple folders.
4. added zip and rar support to http download.
5. added zip and rar support to ftp/sftp download.
6. added temporary folder for zip and rar and http download.
7. added open source file folder in right mouse action on any file.
8. added view monitor path to monitor setup (V) button.
9. added internal printing of pdf's page range.
added portfolio pdf file support
added password protection options on ALL settings, also individually on Monitor, General Settings, Scheduler, Default Addon Params etc etc.
changed menus.
added -FSL command line for nt service with advanced network logging.
added network logging to interface under start NT service.
added NT Service setup for configuring the in Batch & Print Pro.
added backup and restore config files to options menu.
fix for -V option for virtual path, remove quotes and tail end space fix.
fixed an overlapping pdf options setting interface issue - close reader end of every list and after each prs change.
changed error log so always sends errors to error log when in monitor mode - ignores setting in general options.
fix for corrupt zip files causing warning screen to appear, could cause bpp to hang.


1. fixed an error log rename file issue in logged destination path. (cosmetic fix)
2. fixed canon error driver detection window not clicking ok issue.
3. fix for subfolder crash in Monitor - problem in last update only.
4. fix for secure pdf page count showing as 0.
5. added graphic char � to content match for either have to match e.g. Jones�Smith note: | (pipe) can be used for both have to match e.g. Jones|Smith - a combination of | and � cannot be used.


1. updated help walkthru, added Print 1 file to many printers walkthru.
2. added vc c++ dll distribution to installer for x64 version.
3. added email print text body also in email directory monitor.
4. fix for waiting for adobe - Acrobat Broker Msg Handling Window slowing printing.
5. fix for showing memory load.
6. added detection of word docs not moving after print due to file been used by another process now tries to kill after all move tries with extra tries + filesize tries, then tries again.
7. fix for canon pro click OK.
8. added article to walkthru examples 'How to print a large file across multiple printers with load balancing'.
9. fix for check printer is still connected not always working correctly.
added 'create all monitored folders and move to folders' in monitor actions menu.
memory climb usage fix.
added https support when downloading http file to print.
added return error code to http/https when an error occurs like Unauthorized Access.
fixed a crash issue on exit when running in monitor and in checking sharing violation phase.
added check for word temporary file when printing a file, ignores temporary file and doesn't print main file if temporary file exists. could be open by user!.
now ignores before trying to add it to the list.


1. changed / added to "don't retry to print pdf if fails due to association error" in general setup to "don't retry to print pdf if fails due to association or internal error"
when turned off when internal pdf printing it now internally waits 10 seconds then tries again. (only in monitor mode)
2. updated print pdf internally engine
3. added comprehensive error codes for pdf printing internally in interface and error log
4. updated help, command line.


1. fix for PDF Addon and older adobe reader versions when printing.
2. fix for crash issue when loading job file in 64bit version and file doesn't exists anymore when loading .job file.
3. now looks for 'Canon Pro' 'series' 'USB' text and clicks the ok prompt automatically.
4. updated sortations so it now takes the locale for foreign character sets into consideration e.g. �, �, a, b etc.


1. fix an interface issue in General Setup options, Printing tab. checkbox issue for raw .ps file type.
2. added word hang timer setting to general setup options.
3. improved the move/rename to file operation when moving and renaming after print.
4. updated internal pdf print engine.


1. added premium upgrade protection to licensing.
2. in monitor mode it now checks every 5+ minutes after a doc or docx print for process hangs and kills them.
3. added option in general setup options to try to reprint error'ed files one more time that we're detected in a process hang state before.
4. fixed a monitor change printer delay when not necessary, now scans and prints quicker.
5. updated print pdf dll to show more info in interface.
6. updated pdf normalization for rotated pdf's. (can speed it up for larger pdf's).


1. added command line printing option in monitor so can call any program instead of using standard shellprint to print files,
e.g. can be used with photoshop droplets to print jpeg files with photoshop actions.
2. added save replication file list / setup in replication options.
3. added drag and drop .repl replication file into list (pre-setup replication settings) for further automation.
4. added replication option to directory monitor on extra options. can have a different replication setup for each monitored folder.
5. changed file menu add single file to list to add single file(s) to list, so now can multi select files in a folder
6. fixed a registry path issue when running as a windows nt service, effected win7 64bit running 32bit version.
7. updated pdf internal printing engine, fix for printing pdfs with form data.
8. added more status messages for when sending email notifications


1. fix for updater re-occurrence setting + other issues
2. improved ftp monitor and ftp file download to automatically try both passive and active modes, now works with NAT firewalls.
3. fix for internal pdf printing font rendering issue
4. fix for rar file extraction if no path is set and print + moving issue
5. fix for msg addon path of joblist file when using default Temp/MSG path for temporary files.
6. added .png file format to internal printing in general options.
7. fix for potential crash issues when checking other apps windows outside BPP for automation
8. now suppresses "problem with shortcut" dialog when shortcut file has been moved/deleted.
9. revamped the help files.


1. fix for run DOS EXE windows in monitor so now can move it about with left mouse down for lower screen resolutions, also resized it to smaller size for better viewing.
2. changed the pop3 / smtp component and now fixes problem with 64bit version, auto sends gmail and google mail as SSL port
3. added authorization support to smtp server settings in email options
4. fix for installing 64bit then 32bit afterwards 0x7b error on startup
5. added more rgb values to gray list for better color pdf splitting


1. added machine bit information to debug and email us.
2. added Start, Stop, Configure NT Service from Batch & Print Pro interface
3. 64bit version of Batch & Print Pro now available.
4. 64bit versions of all Addon's available for Batch & Print Pro
5. added run file before printing file and after printing a file to Run DOS / Exe on Scan interface in directory monitor
6. added recent file list for batch load
7. fixed a couple of memory leaks when application is closed
8. fix for remove file after print issue when converting pdf to ps and printing
9. added command new line option -V<pathname> for setting the virtual path for all the config and log files to one place. e.g. -V"d:\\test\bpp"
added open folder containing settings files for each access and copying between machines
updated set default printer for 64bit OS'es

1. fix for multiple types in monitor e.g. .txt|.pdf
2. added message file for error emails so can tag on custom message, stored under:


1. fix for when triggering was switched on but nothing setup in triggers setup, now deactivates. also now ignores if this situation already set.
2. fixed some wait for print issues with word docs in office on windows 7.
3. fixed a dos run as .bat exe issue.
4. fixed a memory leak in the Color split pdf option.
5. updated printing of pdf's internally.
6. improved skip option for moving after, now interrupts the move also.
7. added more to error handling for internal printing of pdf's
8. fixed a bad pdf file locking issue when moving to error folder


1. interface fix in general setup options, advanced tab. option "wait for all prints to finish before changing printer settings" overlapped issue.
2. added more information to for starting up as a service, config mode or normal mode.
3. fixed service reload problem when monitor not enabled, now auto enables on reload like when starting up for first time.
4. added orange status for timed profile status in directory monitor
5. added timed disable to monitor disable feature
6. added ! for negative match in directory monitor e.g. !.bat will print all but .bat files in the folder
7. fix for MSG Addon - attachments within attachments fix
8. fixed a NT service reload issue when changing default addon or processing parameters


1. internal pdf printing fix for shared content streams on a specific activepdf created pdf
2. added html print pause of 1 second before printing to allow extra time for rendering
3. fix for check source file close file issue
4. fixed an excel check click issue
5. fixed a sharing file issue - was classing it as no file.
6. added two new nt service examples to new walkthru help. for winr2 and windows 7


1. added raw printing of .zpl file support to options
2. added raw printing of .hpgl file support to options
3. fix for .pro in filename causing an issue
4. added bppjobdelete in command line and monitor mode for deleting the job file only once loaded up.
5. fix for large pdfs when scaling to print chopping if source pdf has been rotated.
6. added pdf option for not printing to default printer - this is for working with printer servers that don't like doing this.


1. added lot's of walkthru examples in help menu
2. added wait for spool queue to clear before printing next file option in general options
3. fix for when printing pdf's and pdf is set for internal printing then no need to check Adobe windows
4. added for 5 mins of debugging whilst running, see file created.
5. added [TRAY] and [PRINTER] to pre-processing (now on v for that module) for passing into other programs like pdftextstamp
6. fix for general options, pdf, don't print if 0 count interface not sticking the setting


1. fixed a filename case problem when merging pdf's as one
2. fixed a Delete from Monitor list button issue
3. improved printing word doc's, rtf files with new Office versions
4. cosmetic fix for when clear list is turned off in Monitor mode, now doesn't show previously printed as Ready
5. added pdf color split printing to 2 printers, i.e. color pages of the pdf go to Color printer and other pages go to the BW printer
6. added load and save to balanced printer settings from file menu.
7. added more to printer load balancing for additional printers, now upto 10
8. fix for monitor stopping after a previous stop request pressed.
9. added shortcut key for monitor setup ALT+M
fix for when it was downloading http address image file printing.


1. directory monitor printer selection when printing fix, todo with profiling in last version


1. changed pop3 email, fixed google email issues.
2. fixed a view email log truncate issue
3. added internal printing of pdf's for xp, vista, win7, , upwards
4. added set rotation, center, fit to page and scale down to page options for internal printing pdf's in general setup options
5. added password pdf printing for internal pdf printing only.
6. optimized printing directly option - pdf's, ps, pcl, prn, eps etc.
7. added auto continue click to " It has been detected that your printer is not using genuine Epson ink" message.
8. fix for potential crash issue when clicking print many times and close progress windows.
9. fix for when processing settings for pdf and print raw pdf in general setup is set it now uses print raw.
added profiling files feature, this is for setting settings per file based on filename text e.g. can be set to use tray 2
fix for Quick Jobs sSetup on first start missing last one in menu.
added profiling to monitor
added profiling to command line -y parameter e.g. "Batch" -y"Profile name" c:\files\*.pdf -p -q


1. added check for "Status not Available" window, auto close it!
2. added Vista black skin to all program
3. added icon on main toolbar
4. added check for zero pdf page count, option to not print if is 0 pages count (could be corrupt pdf)
5. added quick jobs, added quick jobs setup in file menu and will show quick jobs in system right mouse menu in task tray.
6. fix for printer advanced copies issue in windows 7


1. added <filename>.TRG file option in directory monitor for only printing files when .TRG file exists.
2. added move to folder after print in scheduler
3. added rename and overwrite options to the new move to folder option in scheduler
4. updated scheduler so when it is been setup it stops the scheduler from running.
5. the status now shows the number of items active e.g. Scheduler: Active (2), Monitor: Active (1) - also takes into account the new disable profile options in monitor
6. added Round Robin option to printer load balancing
7. added disable / enable profile options to directory monitor, so you can turn off/on monitoring per folder profile
8. fixed a move up and down profiles issue in monitor (wasn't moving all settings)
9. added colour to monitor, red = disabled, yellow = email profile, green = ftp profile, white = normal profile
added countdown to monitor in main interface
added option to add separator anywhere in the the list from action menu or right mouse on item in list insert
added print time estimation and prints per minute estimation
added view printers and total jobs in Action menu.
added check for Fatal Error window from Adobe Reader, auto clicks ok.
added sort and remove duplicate files option to sort menu.
added software updater to options menu, auto checks every n days, auto takes you to upgrade page on major update, checks website: <META NAME="Version" CONTENT="">
added print to pdf pro .ppp file support, this is for loading settings on the fly for print to pdf pro or greater
18, added Append PDF's option if all in list are pdfs, then append and print. (if choosen)
added Always append pdf's where possible automatic option in General Setup options
added file load and save monitor settings to monitor file menu
added re-print option to right mouse menu on main list
changed / overhauled options, general settings interface
changed / overhauled Monitor interface
updated command line -p option to include print as one pdf file options in general setup.
added print pdf as one file to directory monitor
added n days rotation to scheduler - e.g. every 14 days.
added extra allowance for first file in print, sometimes first startup of e.g. Adobe takes too long.
fixed a spooler check with Adobe pdf files, kept finding Adobe Acrobat Update which was slowing it down a lot.
added more spooler checks for printing + spooling and printing + error.
updated help
updated registration
added uninstaller and registration email to setup.
fixed a check for Adobe Reader - was picking up the Adobe Reader Updater
improved performance for all non pdf's by not checking for Acrobat windows on those.
changed display to show total copies


1. added new option in General Setup Options: Don't check file for sharing violation (monitor mode only)
2. added set traction software 'PDF To Print Pro' printer driver up with filename, wait for Print to PDF Pro also when batch printing
3. update to [BPPCOPIES for processing parameters
4. msg addon sort order fix, requires MSG Addon v or greater update


1. updated directory monitor to change setups when moving cursor keys up and down on items in list
2. updated scheduler to change setups when moving cursor keys up and down on items in list
3. update to [BPPCOPIES in filename for setting number of copies set on the printer for that file,
now if the addon parameters are set it changes the -c parameter to the value in the [BPPCOPIES filename
instead of setting copies on the printer device.
4. fix for Save to PDF in windows 7 (FULL fix)
5. fix for items count left over clear in monitor mode
6. fix for save button not working when saving parameters / csv files etc - was to do with internal memory stack size
7. added right mouse open file to main list


1. released web logging / db logging feature compatibility
2. update for possible crash when pressing print button multiple times.
3. fixed a .bat, .vbs script wait update screen issue
4. updated monitor only process over a certain size to also do opposite if negative e.g. would only process files below that size in kb.
5. moved payment to shareit


1. added change print priority to general setup, can be used to get set's of prints together
2. added decrease print priority above for everytime you click print button to get set's together
3. added change print priority to right mouse and actions menu
4. added change print priority to all files in list in Actions menu
5. added [DATETIME: to separator template, for more advanced date and time functions, see help separator template section for more info
6. added up and down arrows in column header to main list view
7. added print message option when scanning pop3
8. fix for startup minimized
9. changed scheduler to use dynamic memory
increased internal memory size
improved custom addon, added custom sort
added custom addon sort to sort menu
added wait for .bat,.exe,.vbs script to finish before moving onto the next file
added optional pipe separator to monitor type match so you can match on multiple types e.g. .pdf|.txt|.doc
added to monitor if filename contains -DNPOM- in the filename then don't process
added file modified, created, accessed to separator sheet e.g. [FILECREATED%A, %B %d, %Y] will print Friday, March 19,
added start in monitor mode automatically when running in service mode. -FS


1. fix for clear ftp logs on startup not sticking when set
2. added popup warning/message detection for new office
3. fix for xml addon, run's smoother now.
4. changed threshold on number of prints to include release on number of prints if negative e.g. only prints if more than or equal to 10 files ready to print.
5. added MSG Addon v2 support, can now process attachments in MSG files
6. fix for MSG Addon v2 setting working directory to another place for MAPI, NOTE: pre v will keep setting to another then all ini settings are also stored there.
7. added unrar support
8. fix for file load job file with filepath set in scheduler
9. added multiple match conditions in Content Match e.g. Test| would look for Test and in the file before adding the file as a match.
fix crash on check window for print
fixed a pop3 issue with "; size nnn" in the filename name

 1. added zip file support, drag and drop or monitor/scheduler for .zip files, can handle zip files with folders too. see option menu-->Zip files options
 2. added sort filetitle alphabetical only
 3. added sort filetitle on alpha/numeric
 4. added InDesign .indd addon support
 5. added [FOLDERNAME] to seperator for top folder e.g. c:\test\pdfs\ pdfs would be the foldername
 6. added -O9 for setting paper orientation back to previous setting before start of program e.g. "Batch And Print" -d -O1 c:\ -p -O9 -q
 7. added .orientation file type, e.g. lasolidariacr.comrientation, lasolidariacr.comrientation, lasolidariacr.comrientation & lasolidariacr.comrientation
 8. added .vbs support, so can put .vbs scripts in the command line
 9. fix for number of files printing including .printer, .tra, .paperorientation, .pro
  changed pause after print to not include .bat, orientation, .tra, .vbs
  added countdown to pausing afer print
  fix for printing html, taking too long when checking for print window
  added no quit when press ESC key in main dialog window
  fixed issue with export print log whilst monitoring
  added counting of .ps file pages
  added lasolidariacr.comolor & lasolidariacr.comolor for changing color on the fly by using these filenames.
  added <n>.papersize for changing the paper size on the fly
  added <n>.papercopies for changing the number of paper copies on the fly
  added lasolidariacr.comuplex / lasolidariacr.comuplex / lasolidariacr.comuplex
  added pop3 email monitor support, auto extracts attachments in email to monitored folder for printing. (threaded)
  added only process files over KB size in monitor option, with exception to rounding if KB is 0 and if file is 1 byte and less than bytes then file will be classed as 1KB so >0 works.
  added threshold option to pop3 email processing
  added colours to main interface, white - ready, yellow - no file / empty file, blue - printer settings file, red/pink - error
  fixed a refresh page counts Ready error when file is non empty or empty
  added pause before each file option in General Setup Options
  added FTP support in directory monitor
  updated so takes exe and working directory from registry as default, solves issue with various other paths in other countries and 64 bit/32 bit versions of windows
  added .jobx support to Load Batch File in File menu
  added Email & FTP (JobX file setup) to Actions menu
  added jobX support to Scheduler
  now doesn't include in list when scanning folders
  added Add ftp file to list in File menu, add's e.g. DL;ftp:/// so ftp files can now be in .job files and lists.
  added print to XPS feature and options like with print to pdf
  added retry to print pdf on association error in options menu, if association is broke then will try and print without association
  added copies to pdf to ps conversion, note: sends file for print n times.
  added remove all done status to actions menu
  fixed a print to file:, pdf, xps problem when printing to file: with PDF Addon/PDF Addon Plus installed
  added printer set to in status when startup and load settings.
  improved waiting for previous status when don't check spooler queue is set, speeds up printing.
  fix for Adobe Reader 9 Updater trying to close on exit, esp. on Win 7x
  fixed a drag and drop issue in Windows Vista, 7 & or greater


1. changed -P option so when you hit cancel it cancels the print completely.
2. fixed a double slash issue in rename file
3. fixed a move on rename error not retrying
4. fixed a close problem with PDF Addon
5. fixed a postscript open shared error
6. fix for [DIRECTORY] in seperator


1. added sort on file extension to sort menu.
2. fixed a wild card loading issue in .job file putting character in move to and balanced printers field.
3. fix for don't check spooler queue for print option, was checking once at end.
4. added bppdelete+job to -M parameter on command line for removing job file
5. added -n option for popup done message when printing complete
6. added -j for use job file path as directory path for filenames
7. fix for total count in print report when finished
8. added [FILETITLENOEXT] to separator
9. added commands in filename detection, e.g. example[BPPCOPIES10].txt prints 10 copies of the file.
updated trail mode .aob, .job file load.
fixed a file crash error, file date issue
fix for pdf's acrobat 9 zero page count issue


1. fix for double slash in move on error
2. fix for a move on bad file error
3. fixed a running with Acrobat 9 issue, spooling status extended
4. added XP styles to interface


1. fix for .job in middle of filename
2. fix for bppdelete issue in directory monitor
3. added extra options in directory monitor for no separator (optional) per directory.
4. updated for citrix compatibility
5. fix miss report output file error when moving file
6. fix copy processing parameters in processing parameters setup
7. added example so can copy and paste in processing parameters
8. added close 'Internet Explorer Script Error' window
9. fixed an issue with TIFF addon parameters beyond in lenth in v addon
added option to close Adobe Reader/Acrobat after every print
added wildcard warning message to filetype box


1. fix for using .printer filenames in a .job file
2. added DWG TrueView addon support
3. added command line for extension in downloading http file. -v option e.g.
4. added filename filter to download http
5. fix for separator and return line feeds when using .txt files
6. fix for .job file load when in directory mode not adding addon or processing parameters
7. updated pdf to ps conversion to fix an crash error
8. added .pro for changing the default processing settings on the fly in the file list, when added to the list.
9. fix for processing settings so it only adds them for pdf files and not other file types
fix for 'use source path' always saving as checked when not checked.
improved PPD file options in PDF to Postscript processing so can insert custom PPD code in to postscript output file


1. added save last directory bulk loaded to
2. added report font height and width to
3. in print to pdf added support for source path
4. added non case sensitive regular expressions to monitor file type (must be contained in {})
e.g. {([a-z]+).([]*).pdf} e.g. {([a-z]*).pdf}
5. upped max monitor to 10, limit
6. fix for html addon taking too long
7. added action for word perfect prompt
8. enabled reporting & emails in monitor mode
9. fixed an issue when adding http addresses set to 'No'
fix for no file added, blank entry when double space in command line
added support for stacking files from windows shell in application with -f option.
fix for log reporting error when removing files from log
added sort on filetitle numerically to directory monitor
added save column positions, activated in startup options
added save column sizes, activated in startup options
added -o parameter sorting to -f switch when stacking
added column for file tile only
added [MACHINE] for machine name and [USERNAME] for login username to dynamic separator
fixed a close issue when clicking the close button twice or more.
added global print log check options for directory monitor
added TIFF addon page count
fixed a logging issue with too many \r (return feeds) in logs, causing issues when clearing files from logs.
corrected a log export file error when try first time before entering view log


1. added postscript tray printing with PPD files
2. added corel check window for font substitution
3. added log viewer searching
4. added log clearing features in log viewer
5. added .tra file support, in file menu and in list
6. added set tray on command line with -t option, e.g. -t"Tray 1"
7. added change font size to log viewer
8. added fit to size in log viewer
9. added change font size to error log viewer
added fit to size in error log viewer
added error log viewer searching
added error log clearing features in log viewer
added export to csv file in error log viewer
added loading of archived logs in log viewer
added log options in Options menu.
added support for .printer file to change printer e.g. HP lasolidariacr.comr
added reprinting options from log files (print and error log)
added printer name to error log
added move to folder on error in directory monitor
added 0 byte file check
changed memory usage for monitor, so now can have up to entries
fix for windows vista with photo's, gif's, jpg's, bmp's etc
fix for Acrobat Tray crashing on exit first time
improved error notification
added move up, move down action in directory monitor list, ALT+A / ALT+Z
added toggle sort ordering when click on header in directory monitor list


1. fix a passing directory as parameter 1 problem in monitor
2. extended .aob file to include processing parameters
3. added ignore printer margins option to postscript conversion
4. added ; comments to .job and aob files.
5. added add extenstion to http file download and print for default webpages like e.g.
6. fixed a 0 pages issue in seperator
7. fixed an issue with .aob file load and http web prints DL; semi colon delimiter issue
8. fix registration process for vista


1. added shortcut support to resolve .lnk files
2. added don't wait for spool check to separators
3. fixed a minimize on startup issue
4. fixed a separator in directory mode issue
5. added separator option to directory monitor, to print a separator on directory monitor change only
when new files and directory is different.
6. added print separator on change of directory option to before and after
7. added forum link to help menu
8. fixed a .job file trying to move even when not set in monitor mode.
9. corrected a file move issue in monitor
added .job and .aob to print log when running in directory monitor mode only, to stop repeat printing.
correct a move error chopping first character when using -M option with .job file containing file titles only.
increased size of default addon parameters limit to per addon


1. added [DIRECTORY] to separator template
2. added 'Check printer is still connected before printing anything' to general options, note: only checks in monitor and scheduler mode,
usually bpp will always print to default printer so e.g. if the printer is set and doesn't exist then it will still print to default
which ever that is in windows, when this option is set nothing will print until it's available again.
3. added filename * and ? wildcard support to .job file lists e.g. c:\test\*.pdf
4. added limit number of prints on printer in directory monitor, leave at 0 by default & when using load balancing.
5. added separator after file option in separator setup
6. changed load batch list and append batch list to facilitate new separator after, first 4 lines of .job file are now for separator
7. added change default printer in registry for solid edge when solid edge addon is installed.
8. changed content match to handle binary data
9. added run .bat or exe before scan in monitor, also passes folder name to script, exe as parameter
added run .bat or exe after printing in monitor, also passes folder name to script, exe as parameter
added extra check for printer name and if less than 32 will try another method to get full name.
changed global transfer delay in monitor to per monitored folder
changed global always check logs in monitor to per monitored folder
set it to use -P printer no matter what when internally printing, this means multiple BPP copies can be run at the same time for internal printing support.
added don't check spooler queue for print option in general options
changed quiet operation to not create dialog on screen before hide. (to stop getting a quick glimpse of it in previous versions)
fixed a create trigger file logic error
added checks for password errors in Microsoft Word, Excel & Powerpoint
added timeout to Microsoft Office password box
fixed an association to acrobat reader 7 problem
put in fix for double slash \\ in move path
fix for Adobe Acrobat new document version message popup
added printer paper size selection to pdf to ps conversion


1. fix for startup position when saving as current size.
2. added last used size to startup options
3. corrected an xp interface issue which caused a batch load issue and add file issue


1. fixed an error in DWG addon support
2. improved moveto so all files added are automatically set (optional)
3. improved moveto so applies to all if none selected. (optional)
4. added copy: to move to on command line and in monitor e.g. enter 'copy:c:\archive\'
5. fixed a scheduler calendar bug
6. added -~ command line parameter to set to 'no' when adding file
7. fix for new -o sort option
8. now updates calendar when user selects a specific date profile
9. if running as service (-FS switch) then automatically sets to error logging to log file not popup dialogs
fix for upgrade to v2 from + when used scheduler.
added more features to trigger monitoring in preperation for Backup files pro, can now specify in and out trigger
updated help: trigger monitor explained, more pdf processing help, command line help updated.
when running as service if started without monitor & scheduler active then autostarts monitor
fix for -i switch with quotes
added -L option to check files again logs and set to no before printing. e.g. c:\*.pdf -L -p -q
fixed a pdf to postscript pre-processing error with number of pages converted
added page range, expand, shrink, crop and center to pdf to postscript convertion options
added error messages to BPPNTService and improved service logging layout
added basic logging of application to
added extra move,copy,delete retries as an option in general options


1. added add to print log from files in list without printing
2. added print report of files printed at end of print run
3. added don't ask again to clear separator box and now check's to see if anything in separator before displaying message
4. improved scheduler so you can right mouse, slelect item to show, delete and update
5. fix for wildcard path on command line putting * in first character
6. changed -P if no printer text then popup printer setup dialog
7. added processing addons
8. added printer load balancing
9. added print priority
tweaked directory monitor printer setup
added command line option -b for balanced printers
added -R for default processing parameters
added status for monitor/scheduler and other info.
added -FS for service running
added reloading option for reloading settings when running as a service
added scheduler scan dir
added support for XP photo printing formats
added skip button to skip the current file in progress.
added -FC for configuration mode only


1. added job path to scheduler for optional files without specifying full paths.
2. now automatically forces hide & minimize Adobe Acrobat/Reader as much as possible
3. added xdp support
4. fixed a problem when using seperator without a prs changing back to wrong default printer (in monitor mode)
5. improved reliability when spooling same files, e.g. repeats or seperators
6. fix for wildcard path on command line putting * in first character
7. changed -P if no printer text then popup printer setup dialog


1. added .asp, .jsp & .php to html popup auto print button printing
2. added .dwf addon support (free autodesk viewer required)
3. fixed an issue with new spool detection - hung with running, not working properly if server printer time is less than sending machine time.
4. added option for remove all files from list when printed in monitor mode in general options


1. updated for HP 'Form Identifier Input' Window
2. changed -P on command line, if invalid printer set then program will abort with status -1
3. improved multiple copies running at the same time detection, now will show current process running.
4. added support for older versions of wordpad (fix)
5. changed IMG and TIF addon to automatically set to spooled.
6. fixed a memory leak when checking spool queue
7. added raw printing of TIF files to general options
8. added raw printing of PDF files to general options
9. fixed an append .job file problem
check for a word error update
added file [CREATEDTIME] [MODIFIEDTIME] to separator page
added -i to set the working directory e.g. -i"c:\test" or -ic:\test
added me10 print filename for CoCreate
added move to top and bottom support

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